Andrea J. Fassbender

Research Physical Scientist, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory


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Job Opportunity

I am currently seeking a Postdoc to join the team and work on a multi-institutional, NSF-funded project (up to 2.5 years) to evaluate carbon cycling in the North Atlantic Ocean using observations from biogeochemical profiling floats and satellites. A Ph.D. in chemical oceanography, a related field, or experience with biogeochemical profiling float data is required. Prior experience with chemical tracer budgets, research related to the biological carbon pump, or familiarity with profiling float and remote sensing data would be ideal. A start date within 2021 is preferable. Please contact me via email if you are interested.


Andrea Fassbender is a Scientist at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) studying marine carbon and biogeochemical cycles and the ocean’s role in global climate. She leads a team contributing to the international Biogeochemical Argo effort as part of the interdisciplinary PMEL GO-BOP Group. Group projects range from regional to global in scale and leverage a combination of satellite, autonomous platform, and ship-based observing approaches as well as earth system model output. Key research priorities include:

  1. developing accurate, scalable methods to quantify the biological carbon pump from sensors on autonomous platforms and satellites
  2. characterizing the ocean carbon sink sensitivity to natural and anthropogenic carbon cycle interactions
  3. creating new tools for measuring long-term changes in ocean carbon chemistry
  4. exploring the impacts of ocean acidification on coastal and open-ocean ecosystems

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